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I've been really distant from social media currently. I will be back soon. -J


First step: Self Love 

It's 12:35am on Sunday Morning (Sunday 16th April)  I'm awake. Wide awake staring at the 4 walls surrounding me. How these walls have experienced and seen my life flash by. They've seen me cry endless tears and laugh at funny memes. But tonight, they see me confused laying in bed. Dreading this pain within me. I'm … Continue reading First step: Self Love 

Current favourite songs: Jul 2016

My earphones have been in and I've been  lip synching these songs every where I go. I love listening to music.It makes me feel happy, loosens all my body and helps me be stress-free free. I mainly, have my music blasting really loud and have my parents shout for my attention (but who wants a … Continue reading Current favourite songs: Jul 2016