Introducing Me

Happy Friday Everybody!

1. Until the age of 10 my favourite colour was purple and blue but it wasn’t until, I become older. I started enjoying the WHOLE RAINBOW and ditched liking only 2 colours.

2. I have a creative eye for photography. I love taking photos of landscapes, portraits, and of course FOOD.

3. I can be very shy in certain circumstances but most of the time I, would describe myself as being extremely out-going.

4. I’m a devoted Christian. #FollowerOfJesus I got baptized 2 years ago and it was the greatest decision of my life. Following Jesus isn’t all smooth sailing but in the end you’ll look back and be amazed. *If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to comment with your questions or stories.*

This is a brief summary of who I am. I hope you enjoyed reading more about me. Feel free to message me with questions or comments.
Thank you.


introduce yourself in the comments.

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