How to love


Love. One simple word but has such a powerful meaning. In today’s society that word “love” is overly used and has now lost it’s meaning and purpose. 

What is love? 

Well, teenagers of today,  I’ve loved. I’ve fallen head over heels for boys, and then suddenly that feeling of loving ” Mr. Perfect” is suddenly gone. I no longer love but like. Like you as a close friend or brother.

Now for everybody out there, “love” shouldn’t be a minute phase… it’s unconditional. In the bible it talks about love being patient and kind. Love is not jealous nor rude. DO YOU SEE THIS? For years I thought I loved, but realistically (apart from the obvious – like my parents) I have not come close to that strong emotion. 

How to love?

 Love with a kind heart. Love is not selfish or easily given up on. (YES It’s the 20th century so it’s natural for society to say fights in relationships are natural.. but if we act on what God said Imagine going up to someone saying me and [Insert someone you love whether that’s a family member, friend or boyfriend] NEVER FIGHT.) Without a doubt you’ll get a reply of

All I’m saying is try to truly love. I know that it won’t be the easiest emotion but it’s the wholehearted effort that counts. 


What to love?


Pure love should be with another human being. Nothing else.  I raise my hand expertly to this … because we say we love materialistic things, food and pets but it’s never used in the right meaning. You’re supposed to love human beings, not possessions.


1 Corinthians 14:6-8

“Love will last forever. ” 

“Love is never happy when others do wrong, but it is always happy with the truth.”

Have you ever truly loved? Leave your thoughts/stories below.

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