How to have body confidence

Harnaam Kaur

“I was the ugly duckling in my group of friends,” she tells PEOPLE. “I remember being bullied by many different people in my primary and secondary school period. The bullies made my life a living hell every day. I did not enjoy my education, and I feel that I did not achieve as much as I could of because of all the bullying that I had faced.” – People magazine Bearded Woman/Harnaam Kaur


As teenagers we struggle with the aspect of #BodyConfidence and how we “NEED” to get thigh gaps and 6-packs but recently I started thinking about the term body confidence, and how it is truly upsetting to see girls call themselves “fat” and be belittled by other girls due to being “too heavy” or “too skinny”. Is your body image bothering you? Read on!

1. You don’t owe ANYBODY the ‘perfect body’

If somebody tried to be offensive towards your body image, YOU have the right to not take on board that negative emotion. It’s best to dismiss the arrogance in a mature manner and walk away. People who expect you to look a certain way aren’t worth your time because guess what? You don’t owe them anything!


2. Magazines, t.v shows and media

Magazines use photoshop and retouch most photographs in order to portray a false appearance and image. They erase blemishes and everything natural on the body in order to gain pounds.. because nobody wants to see Madonna’s wrinkles no. we want to see Madonna looking so cartooned we can hardly recognize the poor women. We’re force-fed to be skinny and have a #ThighGap (and boys you’re constantly fed to be bulky with a six-pack) but in reality… magazines aren’t teachings us to be ourselves. Why would you want to read articles that don’t encourage you to be yourself? Magazines continue to play with our emotions and regularly repeat that we aren’t “skinny” or “hench” enough.

They declare models to be perfect but what is perfect? Perfect is not stuffing pills down your throat nor purging over a toilet. We’re not perfect we have blotchy skin, ache and off coloured teeth (the list goes on!).

3. Celebrate the body parts you love
4. Fuel your mind

Fuel your mind with positivity
Your brain plays an important part in how you feel
Remember you can easily change your feelings of sadness to positivity

Be myself

Recognize and reject body image myths

Accept how I look and how others look

Value my body by treating it well

Encourage more people to be #BodyConfident


Are you body confident? Leave your thoughts/stories below.

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6 thoughts on “How to have body confidence

  1. smilesifyXO says:

    I love the ideas you have written in this post! Body image is a complex thing, especially with the media fueling the idea that only one body type is beautiful. Way to promote positivity 🙂


    • Jodi says:

      Thank you very much. I agree it is a very complex topic, which can offend and discourage people easily. I believe with these tips you can embrace your body and love it for what it really is WONDERUL. Thank you for commenting(: Have a wonderful day.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jodi says:

        I believe ALL people are beautiful but in social media, thin women and henchmen are portrayed as socially acceptable. However, big women and big men aren’t. They are told to go to the gym.
        We all should love our body! If close friends/family or even YOURSELF think ‘ you need a body change’ that’s when we should change. We shouldn’t fix our body just because society tells us to.

        Thank you for being so passionate.


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