7 Study Tips For Your Upcoming Exam


Exam season is around the corner and we all know what that means A TON OF REVISION in advance. Exams can be very intimidating and scary as those qualifications can make or break your dream job. Scary right? Choosing the right study tips can help you over come and pass your upcoming exams! The most influential study tips are centred on dedication, organization, and commitment. Enjoy!

1. Colour code your notes

I suggest you colour code #Everything ( you’ll thank me later) How I organize my notes and sheets would be based on the subject. e.g for history you’re provided with different time periods, this may cause me to highlight these important dates in a certain colour. Colour coding my notes  helps me to be organized and keep on- track with assignments.You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference this can make.

2. Manage your time

Attempting to cram a whole year’s worth of material into your head within a small time period leads to destruction (and I’m warning you it will). I suggest you space out your revision using sufficient apps like focus. This app allows you to revise and take breaks, which is excellent for your time- management skills. Space out your study sessions; study at least for 2 the night before your exam. Set yourself reasonable targets ( e.g Today I will be revising for history for 30 minutes, after those 30 minutes I will be taking a break. I’m hoping to finish my history tonight, as I would to revise for science tomorrow). By doing this you won’t feel overwhelmed or stressed but satisfied when you hit your target/goal.

3. Ask your teacher for help

 When you ask your teacher for help, you aren’t seen as being dumb or unintelligent, far from it. When going to your teacher for guidance with a question, you’re presenting how eager you’re to get a good mark, additionally it shows a teacher your initiative skills. It is a wise decision to go speak to a teacher, as c’mon nobody knows the subject better then them.  I tend to go to my teachers, when I need more clarification and I get praised for it too. BONUS!

4. Make to do lists

To do lists are brilliant for when you have to get tasks done. Try jotting down everything you need to do, on your phone for the day ahead. Not only will you wake up with a clear, prioritized list of what you need to do, but you’ll sleep much better, too.

5. Don’t procrastinate 

Studying is difficult, do you agree? It’s totally easy to become a world champion procrastinator. Recognize when you’re procrastinating and take the steps towards success. Break your big tasks into smaller chunks, and focus 100% on them. When comfortable gradually include more chucks ( because duh. you don’t have to forget about everything else). GET RID OF YOUR PHONE. Eliminate noise and distractions in order for you to focus.

6. Use practice exams

When your teacher gives you practice exams.. DON’T SCRUNCH YOUR NOSE AT IT. Dude it’s God’s GIFT. Trust me your teacher is doing this because they see potential in you. Take this  practice paper seriously, as if it’s a recent paper some questions will be on your upcoming #exam. Colour code and mark ALL OVER it!

7. Repetition

Now that you have a ton of rainbow coloured pages, it’s time to read through your notes. Revise the key points of each chapter several times, in order to retain the information.  I would write the question and answer in different colours numerous times until I feel comfortable enough to re-write the information without looking at my original notes. It was a process that worked for me as It engraved in my brain so that I couldn’t forget the information absorbed. It’s wonderful how repetition can be such a powerful study trick.

How do you revise for exams? Leave your thoughts/stories below.

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2 thoughts on “7 Study Tips For Your Upcoming Exam

  1. Martin says:

    Hi. This is a very interesting post. I’m currently Year 10,Uk, yet im planning to practise revison tips for next year for my GCSE’s Thanks!



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