A memory defined in the dictionary as the mind being able to store and remember information. I repeat “store information”, meaning anything that you’ve come across will likely be stored in the brain; when you see that particular image again you’ll recognize it as it’s already been stored previously.

A memory is an attachment.

A way of holding on to and attaching yourself to that object, image or simply the past.

My biggest issue as a pre-teen was holding onto memories and never letting them go. In my life I’ve moved 8 times and through those times of moving, thinking about my past made me upset. I always got so comfortable at school but knew eventually I’d have to move. You see memories was a way for me to get upset and miss the life I used to have. Until now..

NOW. I’ve moved country, you see friends I’m no longer in the same district but a different country and culture all together. I look back and see people, places and photos to realize I’m better off moving on and realizing THEY’RE JUST MEMORIES. 

I know the Lord will gift me with much better memories as I look back 2 years ago and see a girl so unhappy.

Moving to a new country has helped me become ME.

I know it’s hard to not look in the past and not feel some kind of sadness. Just remember anything that you’ve been through helped define us today e.g: Being bullied, has helped me become stronger as a person and a lot more positive. Learn from your mistakes and try not to do them again. Try to let go of the bad memories and treasure the positive ones.


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