How to be happy

Write 10 things on a paper on why you’re happy

1. God 2. Family 3. Friends 4. Freedom 5. Life 6. Sunsets 7. Photography 8. Mock exams are over 9. I’m alive 10. My Blog

What is happiness?

It is the feeling of inner peace and positivity. It is usually experienced around people, when you’re doing something you enjoy and value.

For most of us, happiness comes and goes and is a temporary feeling and that’s okay. I like being happy and I gain that through prayer, talking and thinking positive thoughts.

Tips for happiness in LE daily life

1. Positive thoughts

Try to think and speak with a positive mindset. Always try to look on the bright sides. Cheesy, I know.


2. Think about a solution to your problem
3. Make a playlist
Christian music:

You Will – Andy Mineo

All Hail the King – Derek Minor

Brother – NEEDTOBREATH ft. Gavin Degraw

Main stream:

Bills ( clean version ) – Lunchmoney Lewis

Shut Up and Dance – Walk the Moon

Cheerleader – OMI

4. Devote a day to read an inspirational book of your choice. Something that will impact your life.
5. Try to do something for yourself daily.

This treat can be as small as buying a video game and getting your nails done, to booking tickets to Florida.


Until next time,



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