How to forgive

Acting like you forgive that person when saying “I forgive you” with a bitter heart won’t cut it.

The hardest part of life in my opinion. I find it extremely hard to forgive others. If you do something wrong to me, I’ll be nice towards you but deep inside that pain you caused me is still there, I haven’t learned to fully forgive yet. Here’s my tips on how to forgive.

Reflect on the incident
  • What made you mad?
  • Why did it hurt you?
  • In order to recover properly, what will you do?
Think about your personal growth as a result of what happened
  • Did you learn anything about yourself?
  • Have you grown mature or are you still bitter? – as you mature you will become adult like in your attitude and forgive easily without a childish behaviour
Be empathetic (put yourself in their shoes)
  • Think about their feelings and how they feel.
  • They may be hurting more than you are.
  • Their feelings could have caused the situation to occur in the first place


Think about other people above yourself!

Forgiveness is the glue to a broken part. After you forgive you’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. You WILL remember the situation, but don’t be like me and let old hurt come back; MOVE ON! Reflecting on the situation and on your emotions will benefit you in the future, as you’ll learn how to handle forgiveness. Forgiving the other person is a wonderful way to show everybody around you that YOU ARE MATURE, that you deserve to be happy and that you have a Godly heart.



Do you have trouble forgiving people? Leave your thoughts/stories below.

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