How to stop hating yourself

Sometimes your insecurities can take the best of you. Your insecurities can change your whole perspective on yourself and lower your self-esteem. I’ve been there when I got bullied and frankly it’s a hard road to overcome. Still to this day, my insecurities can take the best of me and that’s something that will change over time as you grow up and mature.

 NO WAY AM I SAYING YOU CAN’T FEEL INSECURE.. because everybody, feels insecure but, you CAN (I repeat can..) put it to one side and live life in a positive light.

Tips to stay positive about yourself!

Figure what you can change and work upon it:
  • If it’s your weight – Go on google and find a local gym. There’s people at the gym who can motivate you, find work-out plans suitable for your lifestyle and encourage you to live a healthier and more active lifestyle.
  • Your personality –  If you aren’t doing anyone harm then your personality is great. You’re accepted by God and that should BE ENOUGH.

Some people become trapped in “hating themselves” and do nothing about it. Do something about your insecurity but by no means am I saying if you hate your nose, get a nose job. There should be limits in how you change your insecurities. 

Write your feelings in a journal:
  • Writing can help you reflect on past emotions enabling you to see what’s changed in your life.
  • Task: Write about what you dislike about yourself and turn that into a positive e.g I’m a loud mouth – well that LOUD mouth can be beneficial in getting someone’s attention.
Build up your self-esteem:
  • Each day write what qualities you like of yourself.
  • Move away from your comfort zone and start to meet new people.
  • Write daily goals.

Short term: I will look in the mirror today and call myself beautiful

Long term: By the end of the year, I will change “I hate myself” to “I LOVE MYSELF!”

Remember God loves you.

Focus on Gods love towards you because that’s that MOST powerful love out there! Knowing that God died for us, should make us feel more acceptive of ourselves. The complicated things that need changing in your life LET GOD CHANGE THEM.

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2 thoughts on “How to stop hating yourself

  1. helpdragon says:

    It’s a very difficult topic which you write about. I had a phase in my life were selfhate was a big part of me. But I overcame it. Anyway. Your advice is really good. Keep going!


    • Jodi says:

      That’s wonderful to hear. Keep that positive energy and continuously love yourself. When times get hard ACT upon it.. Fix the problem.

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment.


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