Make a difference

Today, I was told to make you only have 284 days until I finish school. 284 days. This year will fly by, and soon I’ll be done school. I have dreamed of this day to come and it honestly couldn’t come any quicker! My teacher sat us down and said there are 86400 seconds in a day. 86400 seconds.

I want to make the most of those seconds and achieve more than my abilities. I want to make a difference. So I ask you what would you like to achieve in the following week? It can be as little as cook a healthy meal! Whatever it is, you have to strive to do something positive. Your life can be taken from you in an instant, and that’s why I believe that in those 86400 seconds you need to be positive, kind, caring and strive to do your best.

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Until next time,


Until next time,


I know this post is really short but today this message really spoke out to me. I hope you take on board what I’m saying and strive to do your best.


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