Snippets of this week|December


I’m a Christmas freak! I love Christmas. The nativity, minced pies, buying and wrapping presents- what’s not to love?  To kick things off, we’ll be chatting about my week.. Christmas style?

Buying an advent calendar

I’m a big sucker for chocolate and an advent calendar but this year; I really didn’t want one. Until I was given Cadbury’s chocolate from an advent calendar and fell in love.

Why would you not want to have chocolate first thing in the morning?

Lip colour

I don’t know much about beauty products but this I know is perfect for my complexion and personality. It’s bright which reflects my personality and the good tone of red is also a bonus. The two lip colours are  Legendary- Lip Lacquer which I got at boots on the “Black Friday” event last week Friday and the other product is “Black Cherry” which I got in Canada a thousand years ago.



Ladies high tea

Along with chocolate, I’m a big fan of scones. Scones are my homies for life. I LOVE THEM!

At the high tea, I was warmed with everybody’s lovely presence from church, we chatted about life then ended the night making Christmas tree decorations (which were super easy and affordable.) I definitely had had to have my posh voice and pinkie up.

Not to mention 2 beautiful individuals got engaged. How cute? Wishing the both of you the biggest cuddles and  love.



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