What 2015 has taught me

The year of 2015 has now come to a close. I had struggles and battles but overall last year was an absolute dear in my opinion. That’s why I thought I would share with you 5 lessons 2015 taught me.

Just do it

I went from climbing a difficult high ropes course to flying to Ukraine. JUST DO IT! I’ve learned that I can do anything, with God beside me, if I have the right mindset and stay positive. I was petrified of climbing the high ropes course but, happily, made it through and am here to tell the story. Through having this attitude, I’m able to achieve so many different things in life.  I’ve travelled and spread the word of God in another country, I’ve drunk vile tree juice and experienced blazing heat – all by saying ‘just go for it’. What’s stopping you?

I can achieve anything with the right mindset

I remember being bullied growing up and I had this one opportunity in my old school to be part of a school election. I didn’t get through, however, that wasn’t a knockback. I got back up and NOW I’ve been elected by students to be a house captain.

I could have easily not put in my application because of what happened in the past, but where would I have got to? I didn’t let a bad experience get to me, I learnt from it and moved on.

Work hard

In Canada, I had 89% percent in school and slacked off on a regular. I revised and did my homework, however, nothing compares to the work load I have living in Europe. God knows how strenuous it is but YOUR hard work will pay off. Now those late nights revising and making a sacrifice away from the social events means in the end, you’ll get the marks you deserve.

 You’re creative

Food tech; it was a mission to accomplish in 2015. However, this year I’ve learnt to be creative when presenting food. In the beginning, I dreaded the thought of cooking in class. Yet with a change of attitude things were looking sky high.

You can become a leader

From not being able to speak in public to now becoming a leader is incredible. I didn’t practice but PRAYED and PRAYED hard.

2015 you were amazing, thank you for allowing me to accomplish so much. Most importantly, thank you to the MAIN G (God) for answering my prayers and guiding me through an adventurous year.


What was your favourite highlight of 2015? Leave your thoughts/stories below.
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Until next time,



10 thoughts on “What 2015 has taught me

  1. I love this post!

    We have some things in common about this post. Working hard is def one of them. Things dont come easy and you gotta be a go getter these days. Love this post!! Looking forward to reading more. I know 2016 is going to teach us some things as well, but we can imply what we’ve learned from last year to this new year!



    1. Thank you very much Girly! Like I said on Twitter, your content is straight to the point, no waffling at all. Your photography is soft and clear. I will definitely be following.


    1. Hi Meryl, I’ve returned to blogging after a break due to exams. I will be making fresh content starting this Tuesday. Thank you very much for the positivity and lovely comments.

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