Letter to 15 year-old self

Hello everybody, today I thought I’d write a reflection post. This trend was around for a while and the craze blew up. Every YouTuber and blogger were doing it and in that moment I didn’t think it was necessary, I didn’t want to jump on the band-wagon.

Therefore, today  (5 months after) I’ll be posting a letter and addressing it to my younger self. Beware you may need some tissues and some chocolate because it may get emotional. I hope you enjoy this post on a letter to my younger self.


Dear 15-year-old Jodi,


You shouldn’t need the endless amount of boys to tell you that. Don’t get a boyfriend! Please, Jodi, wait because the boyfriend you do get will cause an endless amount of drama and tears streaming down your face at night. You don’t need that. Get a nice Christian boy and Jodi don’t settle for anything less. Have morals and say “No” even if your heart scream “yes.”Don’t let him kiss you and friend zone you when he feels like it. Just walk away, move on before it’s too late. Stop being attached to him and open your eyes out for opportunities that will make yourself grow.

Being unique is special. Okay you don’t:

  • drink
  • smoke
  •  party
  • or have sex

and that’s good for your wellbeing. Leave it like that. I know you think your lame and boring but lame and boring is pure to God.

You’re loved

By the greatest person known to man. He is powerful, loving, caring and will never forsake you. Look in the mirror and accept the person you see!

Stop with the ego

The overload of acquaintances you have doesn’t make you cool. It just means you know lots of people but are any of them true? Go talk to the nerdy girl down the hall and go talk to the artists in the art room. Stop with your ego block and sharpen up. The popular kids won’t always be your friends.

You’re strong

I know everything may seem hard and you feel so lost but you will get through it (the right way.) So keep your head up and look to the positive and loving people in your life, because these are the same people that will make you smile and laugh again.


Don’t give up, keep fighting and continue being unique. Trust me you don’t see that in society.



What would you say to your younger self? Leave your thoughts below.

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Until next time,



11 thoughts on “Letter to 15 year-old self

  1. thephotoguidebook says:

    I loved this post a lot. And I love how personal you got. That’s very strong of you. I would tell myself that nothing in high school matters when your in college, and also not to give up so easily when results aren’t immediate.


    • Jodi says:

      Thank you very much, that means a lot! Exactly, professors can put a lot of pressure on you in your senior years however, it isn’t until you get “put in the real wold”where you truly learn. That’s good advice.

      Liked by 1 person

      • thephotoguidebook says:

        I would love to see a part 2 of this post. Haha it seems like you put a lot out there, but I think this would be a good series to start. In a way, this could be like a public diary. Think of it that way! 😂


      • Jodi says:

        Oh no! I like to keep some things hidden and gradually talk about them and give advice to others. Thank you for the suggestion. That seems like a good idea. Why don’t you try a post similar to this?

        Liked by 1 person

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