4 tips on how to be brave and overcome anxiety

I’ve always been the one to suffer from anxiety. To back away from the uncomfortable and run away from the unknown. It’s something I’ve always suffered from (however, at times it’s easier to overcome.)

This topic has been on my mind a while and it’s my daily barrier that I fight. By talking about my faith, speaking out/saying my opinion and putting myself out of my comfort zone. I know being brave can be very difficult and daunting but I encourage you to gradually let go of what you’re comfortable with and make everlasting memories. I hope you enjoy today’s post on how to be brave while overcoming anxiety.

Put yourself forward for the uncomfortable

This will allow you to become more comfortable . Additionally, the more you’re mentally aware and ready; the better chances you will become used to the impossible being possible.

Talk about how you’re feeling

The best way to overcome being anxious is talking about how you feel. Talking allows you to speak up about your inner emotions which will as a result make you feel happy and have a weight lifted off your shoulders. Speaking about your feelings opens doors for encouragement and support. I always get anxious a day before an event, therefore, I always try to talk to someone in order to relieve me of how I’m feeling.

Don’t be afraid to speak up! This will allow people to speak positivity in your life and encourage you on your journey.

Control what’s in your hands

For instance, I had to do a public presentation in front of each year group and knowing that I shake when talking to large audiences, I put forward to use a lecture stand. This allowed me to feel more relaxed and less nervous. Hey! I overcame my fear and controlled my anxiety (do I get brownie points?) What do you need to put forward to make your challenge tolerable?

Control what’s in your hands- to make your journey of bravery bearable.

Have resilience

I believe the bravest people, get back up and keep fighting. If situations don’t happen the way you expected, that doesn’t mean life’s over; it means you have a second chance to smash the situation and give it the best you can.

How do you overcome anxiety and be brave? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “4 tips on how to be brave and overcome anxiety

    1. Thank you very much! I also love writing my thoughts down as well. It’s a great tool to reflect on how far you’ve come and the struggles you’ve accomplished. Thank you for stopping by Sarah.


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