Acceptance| In society and your Christian walk

It’s crazy to think that I sometimes desire to be and feel accepted. No matter what anybody tells you- yes people can still feel the need to be accepted in society. I felt the need to feel accepted and it’s so unhealthy. These emotions come and go but frankly, I want them to go and be gone.

Be the greatest version of you- have confidence

Society can tell you all the greatest beauty secrets and tricks and tips but in my, opinion true beauty comes from the inside. Have confidence in yourself and your capabilities and be the greatest version of you.

There’s no perfect Christian

I LOVE instructions, I love when I have a list and procedures to follow to achieve my end goal. But I  try SO hard to be the best ‘Christian.’ I don’t always listen to worship music and quite frankly, I mainly listen to mainstream music. I read the bible and sometimes I don’t retain everything I hear. I’m not perfect.

I don’t want to put a false mask on and pretend to be someone I’m not. I’m Jodi and frankly, God knows my heart like he knows yours.

Carry on being you- and don’t stop

I have a dry and weird sense of humor. And the other day, I thought I was being funny but as I looked up I saw this one person stare at another individual across the room. In the past, I’ve been told about my sense of humor and how it’s ‘not funny.’ But I’ve changed in order to suit other people but my humor is me. It’s part of who I am and I need to accept it. As long I’m not offending anyone, I will carry on with my lame jokes.

Love yourself  or else nobody else will

I just realized all three subheadings and paragraphs have emphasized the same thing. Self-acceptance and love (and no I’m not editing it all out, I believe this was said for a purpose.)

Look at the things you’ve accomplished:

  1. Got a temporary part time job at Tesco’s. Went for my first ever interview and nailed it.
  2. Dying my hair ombre. Black and grey
  3. Applied for house captain and deputy head girl- even though, I absolutely hate speaking in public
  4. My target for this school year is  D*. That should represent how darn hard I’ve worked and it’s only October.

Do you feel accepted in society?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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This blog post was very much all over the place but it needed to be said. I hope you enjoy and return next time on theworldofjodie.

Until next time,



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