How to get through heartbreak 

Hey. Long time no see, it’s been a while since I’ve sat down and typed something but that’s because my life did a massive 360. Jodie met someone. A boy to be specific. She fell in love and she became blinded by love. She lived and breathed this person. Her whole life changed because she became vulnerable. She shared emotion and experienced a hand holding hers.. but this fairytale changed so drastically.

Sometimes things come to an end and it HURTS. It hurts more than you or I can imagine. Nobody can describe how you will feel or how you will react. However, I hope these tips help you overcome this chapter in your life and help you become stronger again.

Lifestyle of worship 

Shout to my Pastor Paul, who said these words hell of a lot more brilliantly than I can. Worship is the way forward in conquering battles and seeing miracles within your life. Recently, through all the hurt and the pain, when I worship I feel so darn good afterward. Giving all my pain and worries to God makes me feel so free and happy it’s an amazing feeling. Give your lives over to God and show him all the praise. Make him your first priority above all else.

Cry headless tears 

Bottling your emotions, it won’t help. This pain is still fresh within me. I haven’t healed just yet, however, I thought I did. Until I looked at my friend and balled my eyes out and haven’t stopped for weeks. It’s okay to cry. Trust me, you aren’t weak and fragile for crying. You’re brave and loved for being so honest and vulnerable with your inner feelings.

I thought I would stop having emotional breakdowns but it still gets to me. I’m human and I hurt and that’s normal.


Pray about the situation and ask God for strength and guidance within this difficult time period. Let God’s love renew your mind and soul. Communicate with him morning, throughout the day and at night.

Reduce contact with him/her 

Frankly, when you make yourself so vulnerable to someone you give them ‘you’ and that means you’ll depend on them to some extent. However, in order to effectively heal and look after yourself, you need to reduce contact with your ex-partner.

It will be hard and it will hurt but you need to look after yourself (emotionally and physically.) Your mood can no longer go from happiness to sadness, that’s not an option anymore. You choose happiness and stick with it. I Jodie, choose HAPPINESS.

Spend time with people  

Being alone is the worst position you can put yourself in as all you want to do is cry. Therefore, try to spend most of your week with someone, whether that be meeting up for a coffee or chilling at home watching a movie with your best friend. Whatever, it is try not to be alone and keep yourself busy.

Have you ever been heartbroken?  Leave your thoughts/stories in the comment section below.

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This blog post was very much all over the place but it needed to be said. I hope you enjoy and return next time on theworldofjodie.

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