Don’t change for anybody

I automatically jumped to justify myself but after those words sunk in, I broke. I was always raised to adore everybody’s beauty inside and out. Some days it’s harder than others but I never thought somebody could openly be so brutal in their words. This one is for all the individuals out there, who strive to impress other people.

You’re beautiful

Don’t let anybody tell you that you need to change your physical appearance to suit their needs. It’s frustrating that people can be so self-centered.

Have the confidence, to say ‘no’.

“No” I’m not changing my weight for you so that you will feel attracted to me again.

“No” I’m not wearing short dresses to please your desires.

You should want to change for you and you only. Nobody should use emotional abuse on you to change who you are.

Men/women love your partner for who they are

Don’t try and change your partner to suit your needs and desires. You shouldn’t fall in love with appearance. Appearance easily fades and your beauty will no longer be youthful. You should love because you see their heart and their being and you like them for that. Yes, to some extent you have to be attracted to their appearance but that’s only temporary.

You don’t have to change, they do

If another individual, can’t accept you for YOU, they aren’t worthy of your time and presence. You should change for nobody except Christ himself.
This is controlling – if your partner wants you to change to suit their desires and needs, TELL THEM TO GET IN THE BIN. Continue doing your thing, whether that be chasing after God or becoming in tune with yourself. Whatever, the case may be – you deserve a hell of a lot more than what that individual is offering you. You’re beautiful/handsome the way you are. Don’t let anybody manipulate you into being someone. Remain the same. Somebody will come around in time and love you inside and out.

Have you ever been told you aren’t good enough? Leave your thoughts/stories below.

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