First step: Self Love 

It’s 12:35am on Sunday Morning (Sunday 16th April)  I’m awake. Wide awake staring at the 4 walls surrounding me. How these walls have experienced and seen my life flash by. They’ve seen me cry endless tears and laugh at funny memes.

But tonight, they see me confused laying in bed. Dreading this pain within me. I’m ready to become Jodie again but damn, this is hard. I’m constantly asking myself  ‘what makes me happy?’ I’ve lost my sense of happiness. Because faking a smile or 2 just isn’t cutting it for me anymore.

 First step: Self love.

Fall in love with yourself

Think about the qualities you love about yourself and the things you enjoy. Take pride in your appearance and your self-worth. Nobody is perfect and that’s something you need to accept for crying out loud, you will make mistakes.  Love yourself for all the good that you see, accept your flaws and your imperfections. I’m making it my mission to look in the mirror and say:

‘You are fearfully and wonderfully made.’

-Psalm 139:14

Have a positive mindset and a good attitude

In my last post, I mentioned about creating a happiness jar. This allows you to view positive attributes in your life and be grateful for the life you live. My happiness planner is my baby. It allows me to praise the good and the bad within my day. I need to start looking at the positives and less of the negatives. I need to reflect a life of positivity and happiness. With a positive attitude, I’ll start to make good decisions and be more empowering towards myself.

Get a new hairdo and clean out your wardrobe

This is raw Jodie, so I’m going to be plain and straightforward. I’ve felt so ugly recently… I say recently from January until about April. I’ve been feeling a bit on the larger side and my appearance has been looking dreadful. I needed a drastic change! I longed to feel confident and beautiful again, overall I desired to feel happy and sexy (oi oi cheeky) to be honest, I wasn’t feeling myself ONE BIT. I felt gross in my own skin which I hated. Until April 28th, everything changed.

The pictures of me smiling is genuine. OH MY GOSH! I’m smiling, I feel bomb every day and I’m constantly slaying and feeling beautiful. I never knew changing something so little can impact your whole being. As for feeling on the ‘bigger side’, I  need to learn to stop criticizing myself and just show pure love. How is someone going to love me, when I don’t show pure love to myself? 1. Goal ‘Look at yourself every day and say you’re peng.’ As my dear friend, Rhoda would say. New hairdo? Check. Now I need to purchase some banging clothes to match my ‘peng self.’

New clothes


What makes you feel confident and beautiful?  Leave your thoughts/stories below.

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Until next time,








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