Blogging schedule 

You may of noticed my blog posts have been very much hit and miss. I wanted to make a new schedule of one blog post per month. As I'm not really finding the time to blog every week- and as school is commencing I need to sort out my priorities.   I would preferably like … Continue reading Blogging schedule 

Current favourite songs: Jul 2016

My earphones have been in and I've been  lip synching these songs every where I go. I love listening to music.It makes me feel happy, loosens all my body and helps me be stress-free free. I mainly, have my music blasting really loud and have my parents shout for my attention (but who wants a … Continue reading Current favourite songs: Jul 2016

4 tips on how to be brave and overcome anxiety

I've always been the one to suffer from anxiety. To back away from the uncomfortable and run away from the unknown. It's something I've always suffered from (however, at times it's easier to overcome.) This topic has been on my mind a while and it's my daily barrier that I fight. By talking about my … Continue reading 4 tips on how to be brave and overcome anxiety

5 Reasons why I love the gym

Now as you may know in the beginning of March 2015, I was all about healthy eating and exercise. But, let me be real with you- my motivation lasted 2 months before, I became stressed and began binge eating and watching Nowtv ( with my dog!) I haven't sustained a healthy relationship with the gym … Continue reading 5 Reasons why I love the gym

Nose piercing experience

Day 1  The day I got my nose pierced it was a Saturday evening. I booked my appointment for 5pm and I strolled in the shop as happy as could be. It wasn't until 10 minutes in the waiting room when I started to heavy breath and shake. I was scared! However, despite what everybody … Continue reading Nose piercing experience

5 tips I’ve learned after graduation

I'm back and better than ever. I've missed blogging so much! For today's, post I thought I would share with you 5 tips I've learnt  after graduation!  Through these tips, I graduated high school! Don't get involved with the drama These girls will talk the talk, but you walk the walk. Don't get involved with the … Continue reading 5 tips I’ve learned after graduation

What 2015 has taught me

The year of 2015 has now come to a close. I had struggles and battles but overall last year was an absolute dear in my opinion. That's why I thought I would share with you 5 lessons 2015 taught me. Just do it I went from climbing a difficult high ropes course to flying to Ukraine. JUST … Continue reading What 2015 has taught me

Snippets of this week|December

  I'm a Christmas freak! I love Christmas. The nativity, minced pies, buying and wrapping presents- what's not to love?  To kick things off, we'll be chatting about my week.. Christmas style? Buying an advent calendar I'm a big sucker for chocolate and an advent calendar but this year; I really didn't want one. Until … Continue reading Snippets of this week|December