4 tips on how to be brave and overcome anxiety

I've always been the one to suffer from anxiety. To back away from the uncomfortable and run away from the unknown. It's something I've always suffered from (however, at times it's easier to overcome.) This topic has been on my mind a while and it's my daily barrier that I fight. By talking about my … Continue reading 4 tips on how to be brave and overcome anxiety

5 Reasons why I love the gym

Now as you may know in the beginning of March 2015, I was all about healthy eating and exercise. But, let me be real with you- my motivation lasted 2 months before, I became stressed and began binge eating and watching Nowtv ( with my dog!) I haven't sustained a healthy relationship with the gym … Continue reading 5 Reasons why I love the gym

How to be a positive person

She looked at me and said, "Jodi you've been very negative, you're moody and whenever I tell you anything you get upset." After this statement, I knew I definitely had to change. I don't want to be known as a negative person, but a person of GOD. Be grateful/show gratitude: Show people you appreciate them … Continue reading How to be a positive person

How to stop hating yourself

Sometimes your insecurities can take the best of you. Your insecurities can change your whole perspective on yourself and lower your self-esteem. I've been there when I got bullied and frankly it's a hard road to overcome. Still to this day, my insecurities can take the best of me and that's something that will change over … Continue reading How to stop hating yourself

How to forgive

Acting like you forgive that person when saying "I forgive you" with a bitter heart won't cut it. The hardest part of life in my opinion. I find it extremely hard to forgive others. If you do something wrong to me, I'll be nice towards you but deep inside that pain you caused me is … Continue reading How to forgive

How to be Single

It's hard to believe that being single IS A BLESSING You don't have to get up early in the mornings to care for a baby or the slamming of doors. You're able to enjoy life, e.g. not having to take care for your significant other and yourself. Why most people get into relationships Want a … Continue reading How to be Single