How to stop perfection

Don't let celebrities image or lifestyle make you feel inadequate. Perfection. The ten letter word everyone wants. The word that should have the definition of simply GOD. As no human, has the ability to obtain "perfection". In the dictionary "perfection" is defined as the state or quality of being or becoming perfect. Now, I want you to … Continue reading How to stop perfection

How to have body confidence

As teenagers we struggle with the aspect of #BodyConfidence and how we "NEED" to get thigh gaps and 6-packs but recently I started thinking about the term body confidence, and how it is truly upsetting to see girls call themselves "fat" and be belittled by other girls due to being "too heavy" or "too skinny". Is your body image bothering you? Read on!

How to love

  Love. One simple word but has such a powerful meaning. In today's society that word "love" is overly used and has now lost it's meaning and purpose.  What is love?  Well, teenagers of today,  I've loved. I've fallen head over heels for boys, and then suddenly that feeling of loving " Mr. Perfect" is … Continue reading How to love